The Peace of the Lord
Compass Point #10


The peace of the Trinity is uproar and colour,  dissent and challenge, wandering and exile.

The peace of the Lord is invitation and inclusion, drawing our bodies and spirits into the riotous harmony of God.

The peace of the Lord be always with you.

Sculpture (image) by David Kracov

Words by Steven Shakespeare (Prayers for An Inclusive Church)

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The Institute

Turns out the word “Institute” has lots of synonyms! Consider just a few: Brainery, Guild, Academy, Plant, Society, Asylum – from such a broad context the Compass Institute came to be, an endeavor of the Episcopal Church in Central NY. We invite you to engage what it means to be a spiritual person in this complex world along with fellow travelers who respect individual differences and value postmodern knowledge.

We hope you’ll join the discussion from time to time, either online or at a Compass event. Who knows what adventures we may find? The possibilities are endless!

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